Bellow are brief descriptions of the talented craftpersons involved in creating every piece Bassowsky jewellery.

Aaron Bass

Jewellery Design

Aaron’s love for jewellery and gemstones started in his hometown of Grand Falls, New Brunswick where would sell his handmade jewellery at the local farmer’s market. His company was called “Originals Etcetera”. Okay not the greatest name but times were different then and he was young and foolish! He moved to Quebec City to study at the Quebec City Jewellery School (École de Joaillerie de Québec).  He fell in love and now lives happily ever after in a small town outside Quebec City.

Alec Bass

Web Marketing

“Hey are these guys related?” Well yes, yes they are! brothers to be precise.  Alec is the mastermind behind everything web related.  Be it our website, Facebook or Instagram. He makes sure you’re in the loop of what’s new at Bassowsky Jewellery. He’s a real matchmaker! Connecting you with that perfect piece of jewellery.  I hope I sold you on how great he is!

Marie-Anne Paradis


Marie-Anne, where would we be without you? Under an avalanche of receipts no doubt! Marie-Anne is the conductor and like any good conductor she keeps the train moving and on time.  But wait there’s more! By day she’s an archaeologist, I’m not kidding, the real deal.  By evening (and some weekends, sorry about that Marie-Anne) she’s one of our most valuable assets.

Émile Couture

3D modeling

Every piece of Bassowsky jewellery starts with the 3D model.  Émile has the know how to make the virtual 3D model come A-L-I-V-E! Well he can make a darn good printable 3D file that is!  Don’t worry he doesn’t actually make living breathing jewellery… I mean I don’t think he does… I better go check, just to make sure…

Coulage MD Casting

3D Printing & Casting

3D printing and precious metals casting go hand in hand and Coulage MD Casting in Montreal do it best.  3D printed jewellery is quite delicate and needs special handling. A lot of care goes into what they do. They have industry leading 3D printers, casting equipment and the highly trained technicians which insure we receive the highest quality casted piece of jewellery ready for finishing.

Alain Brouilly

Jewellery Fabrication

Alain has over 30 years of experience in the Jewellery industry.  He’s perfected skills in almost every area jewellery fabrication including jewellery design, stone setting, complex assemblies, finishing and laser welding just to name a few.  A master jeweller would sum it up best!  Need a pair of glasses fixed?… he does that too!  Is there anything he can’t do? Check his newest venture and give him a call if you actually do need to get your glasses fixed!

Sophie Bélanger

Jewellery Fabrication

Sophie is an incredibly talented jewellery designer and illustrator. She has some 15 years of experience working in custom jewellery design and jewellery repairs.  She’s a rare gem which we’re fortunate to have in our team. Her dexterity and attention to detail shines in every piece of jewellery she completes. Checkout some of her jewellery designs here and her illustrations here.

Carl Pilon

Jewellery Fabrication

To best describe Carl would be to compare him to some sort of advanced jewellery making machine sent back in time to advance our knowledge of jewellery design and fabrication.  I say this with the utmost respect, this dude is out of this world when it comes to his talent and experience.  A master jeweller and teacher at both jewellery schools in Quebec City.  Checkout some of his custom work on this website.